Carisa Sanders


Orange Park, Florida

Phone No: 904-601-6927



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Periscope: BeautyByCarisa

Twitter: Faithguuuurl

Instagram: BeautyByCarisa



Carisa is and has been a devoted customer and a huge fan of Body Tonique for approximately four years; a seasoned sales and marketing professional with decades of experience and a popular active blogger. She has tested and reviewed hundreds of skincare and beauty products, actively sharing her opinions with her followers. Since beauty blogs are critiques of many products, her group theme being ‘Which Beauty Products Work, and Which Ones Don’t.”

Carisa’s experience with Body Tonique started when she was in search of a perfect skin care. With sensitive skin, and a sufferer of adult cystic acne, she needed her skin care product to be gentle. At a tiny local flea market, she discovered Body Tonique and met the inventor, Liz Barringer. Carisa has been thrilled with her results, always being very passionate. She generously shares her conviction with her followers, customers, friends and family on Body Tonique products. To this day, her friends and family continue to be faithful customers.

Body Tonique is thrilled she has joined our team bringing her expertise and experience in beauty and marketing. Since she is an ardent user of the entire line, she knows how to properly use Body Tonique products, and is happy to answer your questions.

We invite you to follow Carisa on Periscope and view her live stream along with her frequent demonstrations. Catch the latest updates and tips on skincare, state of the art technologies and trends by following her on Twitter.

Her results were so amazing that she shared her ‘Before and After’ pictures as shown below. Carisa was our first ‘real customer’ model, coining the phrase ‘Body Tonique Girl’. She continues to proudly carry the title of ‘The Original Body Tonique Girl’.

You may order our product line from her website at: BeautyByCarisa


Carisa Sanders

Represents Body Tonique Skin Care


Carisa Sanders, ‘The Original Body Tonique Girl’

Wearing Radiant Perfection Facial Powder


Day One: Carisa’s ‘Before Picture’

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